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A Web Map Service for displaying environmental data over the web

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What is ncWMS?

ncWMS is a Web Map Service for displaying environmental data.

We have an ncWMS User Guide available. This will always contain the latest version of the documentation for ncWMS.

Getting ncWMS

ncWMS is designed to run in a servlet container such as Tomcat or Glassfish. However, we do provide a standalone version which uses an embedded Winstone servlet container to allow users to quickly try it out.

Servlet container version

This is the standard version of ncWMS which most people will want to use. It can be obtained by downloading ncWMS2.war from here

Note that you will need to configure a security role within your servlet container to be able to use this.

Standalone version

The standalone version of ncWMS can be obtained by downloading ncWMS2-standalone.jar from here

Note that this version is designed to be run locally and has no security for any of the administrative functions. To run a publicly-available version of ncWMS, please use the servlet container version.

Citing ncWMS

If you use ncWMS in a project which produces journal articles, we ask that you please cite this paper

Seeing ncWMS in Action

We have a demo site for ncWMS available here.

The Global HYCOM viewer uses ncWMS in its backend.

The THREDDS Data Server is packaged with a version of ncWMS for viewing THREDDS-catalogued products in a browser.

Hyrax also uses ncWMS2 for visualisation.

If you are using ncWMS on a publicly-available website and would like to have it listed here, please contact us

Authors and Contributors

@guygriffiths, @jonblower, @ndp-opendap, @N-Lin, @purplecat