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The Environmental Data Abstraction Layer libraries.

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What is EDAL?

EDAL is the Environmental Data Abstraction Layer - a set of libraries which provide a data model for dealing with environmental datatypes, and numerous utility routines for reading, manipulating, and plotting this data, as well as serving it over a WMS.

EDAL was developed primarily to supply the functionality for ncWMS - a Web Map Service for displaying environmental data over the web in an efficient manner. Originally ncWMS contained a great deal of functionality which was not easily separable for use in other applications. EDAL is the result of separating out that functionality into a series of modules, allowing users to utilise just the required parts.

Getting EDAL

The EDAL libraries are designed to be integrated using Maven, and can be downloaded or added as dependencies from the Maven Central repository. See the EDAL user guide for more information.

Authors and Contributors

@guygriffiths, @jonblower, @ndp-opendap, @N-Lin, @purplecat